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Theft of merchandise is a problem faced by every retailer. Statistics will prove that internal theft parallels external theft dollar to dollar. Whether the retailer is faced with petty theft of low dollar merchandise or high value theft such as; VCRs, TVs, jewelry, etc. - these criminal acts must be stopped.

Trinity Executive Services, Inc. has provided trained undercover Loss Prevention Officers to businesses large and small for over fifteen years. Our Loss Prevention Program has been proven effective and often pays for itself. Our officers have routinely averaged 10 - 20 stops per month at several home improvement stores we staff. Coupled with the value of the recovered merchandise, our officers (with store approval) issue civil restitutions, which help to cover the cost of our services.

Years of experience have proven our worth to the retail industry. Nearly 100% of the retailers we serve see a significant reduction in criminal activity at their store, a much improved shrinkage and a gradual decrease in the number of apprehensions - simply due to the public's knowledge that we are watching.

In addition to shoplifting surveillance, an officer can be placed within your staff as a newly hired employee to gather and report suspicious activity within your employee base. This type of surveillance has proved instrumental in the apprehension and arrests of several targets responsible for thefts amounting to thousands of dollars.

What We Offer - Loss prevention and assets control services, as well as other security services listed below, are offered throughout Indianapolis, Indiana and these surrounding cities: Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Hammond, Bloomington, Gary, Carmel, Fishers, Muncie, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Anderson, Noblesville, Elkhart, Greenwood, Mishawaka, Lawrence, Kokomo, Jeffersonville, Columbus, Portage, Richmond, New Albany, Merrillville, Valparaiso, Goshen, Michigan City, Granger, Westfield, Marion and East Chicago.

On-Site Security Services
You may not always have time to plan for security services. Often the need for security is without warning due to a crime or elevated threat level. Trinity Executive Services understands the urgent and often unpredictible nature of the services we provide. Establishing a relationship with a respected and knowledgeable 24-Hour emergency response provider is beneficial to your company, your staff and clients.
Executive Protection & Bodyguards
Active members of Trinity Executive Services Executive Protection Division have either worked on or have been directly responsible for security details involving TV celebrities, sports stars, business executives, mayors, governors, ambassadors and high ranking officials of the United States Government. Although our main purpose is the unwavering safety and protection of our clients, our protection agents strive to offer each of our clients an experience that is both remarkable and memorable.
Mobile Patrol Protection™
Mobile patrols are conducted between the hours of 5:00pm to 6:00am, seven days a week, in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. By signing up for Mobile Patrol Protection™, you will be guaranteed three to four nightly patrols of your business, property, or residence. In addition to the nightly patrols, our officers will provide you with detailed reports and assist in the towing of abandoned vehicles. Should you wish to provide Trinity Executive Services with a contact name and phone number, our officers will make immediate notification in case of an emergency.
Private Investigations
Trinity Investigative Services provides trained, knowledgeable and professional investigators and private detectives to individuals and businesses in virtually every industry. Our private detectives are former and active police officers with experience in all types of investigations. Each month, our detectives conduct covert investigations dealing with infidelity, insurance fraud, homicide, theft, missing persons, child custody, stalking, harassment, time theft and many other civil and criminal cases.
Traffic Control Officers
Trinity Executive Services provides uniformed and highly visible traffic control officers to schools, churches, construction sites, utility companies and other businesses and locations with a high volume of traffic flow or congestion. All of our traffic control officers report for duty each day with all of the tools and equipment necessary to safely direct traffic in and around your place of business. From standard flashlights, reflective vests and stop signs - to fully marked patrol cars and external lighting, our staff takes the necessary steps to ensure our officers are seen by motorists.
Event Security
With over 19 years of incident-free experience, Trinity Executive Services has long been considered as Central Indiana's event security specialists. At Trinity Executive Services we offer our clients a superior level of event security services that are cost competitive and highly effective. Our professional staff of managers and officers are experts in handling special events of all sizes and varieties, to include: corporate events, weddings, parties, race events, autograph sessions, concerts, sporting events and more.
Indianapolis Indiana Loss Prevention

Our Officers are placed with clients based on their skill sets

Trinity understands that every officer is different and not every officer will be right for every client. We spend time to carefully select the officer that is right for you. All officers have passed a background check and submit to random drug testing.

Emergency Response

You may not always have time to plan for security services. Often the need for security is without warning due to a crime or elevated threat level.

Trinity Executive Services understands the urgent and often unpredictible nature of the services we provide.

Establishing a relationship with a respected and knowledgeable 24-Hour Emergency Reponse Provider is beneficial to your company, your staff and clients.

Although you may not be able to prepare for every event or emergency situation, take a proactive step and partner with Trinity Executive Services. We will work within your budget to provide you with the services you need.

Call us today at (317) 890-1169 and ask to speak with Martha Lenz or Steve Hanna.

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